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Used Filler Monoblock Fimer

Fimer Monoblock model RT. 9/1/S DEAR, inert gas deaeration and injection station,

Filler with 9 stainless steel valves gravity/slight depression, valve type G Ø15mm, filler mechanic screw jacks, stainless steel Corking, natural cork with device in order to create a vacuum before the Corking.

Year 2007.

With towing belt and speed variator.

Loading conveyor belt L = 1600mm.

Complete of cylindrical bordolese bottle size Ø78.

Complete with safety guards, CE certificate, use and maintenance booklet, wiring diagram.

Dimensions: Length 2700mmX Width 1300mmX Height 2300mm. Weight 1000 about.

Equipment in excellent condition, to work.